As some of you know, I am a student. I have a bad habit of assuming that my Professors have a sense of humor. Sometimes, it comes out in a ridiculous comment. My Professor will ask a question, and I’ll respond with a hilarious truism. Typically, I’ll get a chuckle or a laugh, some kind of good-natured response. Sometimes, I’ll put what I like to call “Easter Eggs” in a paper I’m writing. It’ll be a sentence or two that is ridiculously divergent from the subject matter. It’s designed to make sure that they’re actually reading my work- I can tell that they’re doing so when they either write “Haha” in the margin, or just plaster an enormous question mark over the offending phrase.

Most frequently, however, I love to doodle on tests.

This morning, I had my Historiography midterm. For those who care, it’s a course about the history of the way history was studied- and yes, I’m aware that that sounds like a bizarre exercise in redundancy. It was an essay format, and I decided that I was going to have fun, damn it, because I knew the source material like the bottom of my foot, and I wasn’t really concerned about my grade.

I began with a drawing on the inside cover of the Blue Book.

That is, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Pac-Man. It was innocent enough, I thought. It’s a statement about Life, and how there are always obstacles in the way of the things we desire. I’m not sure why I decided to draw this, as it is in no way related to Leopold Ranke or Machiavelli. I think I was gathering my thoughts, and doodling aimlessly. This is the result.

After a few pages of scrunched writing, I drew this, dedicating an entire page of lined paper to it.

It is my personal belief that raptors, while terrifying, also represent an important part of the country’s demographic. I also believe that it is perfectly acceptable to ask for the grade that you deserve. Sometimes a threat is necessary. And, I think, a velociraptor is a good way to hide that threat. He looks like a nice guy, despite his hunger for peoplemeats.

Finally, when I finished writing for ninety minutes, I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate. I’m a fan of puns, to a point, and I’m also a fan of memes. One of my favorites is outlined below.

I think it was appropriate. Will my Professor fail me because of my humorous scribblings?

Only time will tell.

Anyway, I thought that the Recyclable community would enjoy these ramblings of a madman.