You are reading this, probably. That’s because I, Bishop, have changed settings on the site. I talked to B_B about how the blog portion doesn’t get any attention.

Actually, I didn’t so much talk as whine and complain ceaselessly for fifteen hours. I decided that it was because the blog proper had little to no visibility on the homepage. I’ve seen other sites have the same little “ComicNotes” thingy off on the sidebar, and I was all like “Man, I need to get up on that.” So I shot an email to the ever-friendly¬† Wes Molebash, of the awesome last name. He has a pretty smooth website that has a comic on it. It’s really, really good. You can find his website here ( I asked Mr. Molebash about his little sidebar thingy. And he answered back in about twenty friggin’ minutes, with a complete and detailed method of how to do exactly what I needed to. Thanks, Wes!

So now you can see this part of the website. Maybe you’ll read it now. That’d be cool. I mean, it’d be nice to know I’m not writing letters to myself.