Two young men in their early twenties quickly realize that life has prepared them to expect things that simply won’t happen; namely love and understanding.  In place of this void, the men decide to create, a website dedicated to reminding the world that everything and everyone, is in fact, plastic.  Through the use of web comics and a truly existential radio show, the two men begin to achieve the one thing worth being content about – voicing their discontent… while laughing.

Welcome to Outfake… Everything is plastic (including us).

B_B, the artist:

B_B draws the comics that hopefully make you want to laugh, but end up making you cry because you realize they’re true. He also has the final word on the dialogue of each strip, as well as being the designer of the various T-Shirts you see in our store. In addition, he’s constantly being awesome, and that’s kind of a full time job. So cut him some slack, damn it.

Bishop, the dreamer:

Bishop thinks, plans, thinks, and then plans again.  Immediately thereafter, he might move a widget around.  Suddenly things happen.  He’s responsible for Big Picture stuff, including direct marketing and managing advertisements. He’s a writer by trade, and will often contribute to the comics that you see, as well as collaborating on the T-Shirt designs. He’s also the lead on the Radio program that has thus far been a miserable failure of truly disheartening proportions, and has nobody to blame but himself.